Famous Local Guide

Joy Burke

Design Connoisseur

Boasting a discerning eye, Chicago's Joy Burke spends her days working as the Digital Art Director at Pitchfork, where she transforms web pages into vivid, eye-popping works of art. When she’s not making the Internet a better place, she can be spotted grabbing a beer in Logan Square or ordering old-school Italian dishes in Lincoln Park. Where, exactly? Take a look below and find out.


Where do you go to get some inspiration for your work?

Logan Square

"Shopping! My favorite source of inspiration is fashion. One of my favorite neighborhoods for this is Pilsen. It's like taking a mini vacation from the northern neighborhood of Logan Square, where I live. It’s brimming with neat shops and bars and places to check out."

What's your favorite neighborhood bar?

The Boiler Room

"Boiler Room plays good music, has great pizza, fine beer, and is just a great spot to hang either with one friend or many. "

Logan Square

If you had to be a tourist in your own city, where would you go first?

"Take a helicopter tour of the city! It was a birthday present to me a couple years ago, and it was thrilling to be so high up between the skyscrapers while getting a history lesson about the various buildings and neighborhoods of the city. "


What's the event you go to every year and why?

"Pitchfork Music Festival. Even before I started working for the company (hello, dream job!) it's been the weekend I've looked forward to more than any other each year. The music, venue, size, season, food, shopping ... everything about it makes it the best festival in town."

Best spot for a hot dog?

Fatso's Last Stand

"I'm one of those weirdos who's never really been into hot dogs, but I hear the lovers love Fatso's Last Stand, and that Home Depot dogs are delicious."

Ukrainian Village