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Ji Suk Yi

Daytime Talker

Being on TV can be hard work. Don't think so? Try covering the Rod Blagojevich trial or interviewing celebrities such as Elton John and Betty White, just like Ji Suk Yi has. These days, Ji Suk is the Social Media Contributor at 'Windy City Live', but she's also a serious foodie who grew up eating Southern food alongside kimchi. Of course, Olio City had to ask Ji Suk about her favorite spots.


As a Southerner, what's your top pick in town for Southern food?

The Roost Carolina Kitchen

"Southern food means a lot of things, but great fried chicken is in my DNA. Since I’m from the North Cack [North Carolina], I go to Roost Carolina Kitchen. It’s an extremely personal choice because the proprietor is from North Carolina."


Favorite Chicago neighborhood and why?

"My all-time favorite neighborhood is Wicker Park. It’s where I spent all of my time when I first moved to Chicago, when I was unemployed and extremely poor. But back then, it held the wealth of possibility of Chicago on its shoulders--the diversity, the bars, coffee shops, restaurants. The vibe was real--just gritty enough--and it was a pulse point to the city that made you feel alive."

In a town known for its deep dish pies, what is your favorite pizza?

Pizzeria Da Nella

"For thin crust it’s Pizzeria da Nella--run by a female pizzaiolo who imported her brick oven from Naples."

Lincoln Park


Pequod's Pizzeria

"For deep dish, it’s Pequod Pizza all the way. That burnt cheese crust is divine."


Cubs or White Sox?

"I’ve been torn. My TV mom Linda Yu is a die-hard Sox fan, but the Cubs have let me throw out the first pitch."

If you had to be a tourist in Chicago, where would you go first?

Signature Lounge

"I’d go have a drink at the Signature Lounge at the John Hancock building. No wait, no fee. Just buy a delicious cocktail and take in the view. For the best view, go inside the ladies’ bathroom."


Who is the person you would be most excited to interview?

"I’d love to interview Lady GaGa--I think we’d hit it off! Well, I think it wouldn’t be a let-down because I think she’s genuinely nice and so many A-list celebrities aren’t."